Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday Wandering and Wondering... April already?

I thoroughly understand that a vast majority of pit bulls will never hurt anybody.  But if you have one my son will never spend time at your house.

Whether or not Dorothy Hamilton was killed by the dogs remains to be determined, but it certainly wouldn't surprise anyone.  Having dangerous dogs is a risk, yet a lot of folks get offended by that truth.  Get over it.  And get a reality check.

For some folks it seems that having the dangerous dog has about the same risky/cool factor of riding motorcycles or something, and I just don't get it.  For a while there were a couple of guys in our neighborhood who would take their pit bulls down the street for a walk, clearly looking for a reaction or some sort of street cred.  It made me simultaneously laugh and check for nearby suitable weapons.

And then there are other folks for whom every furry life is sacred and "hey it's not the dog's fault" and all of that.  OK, feelings are good, but..

This is our Nina dog.
Yes, I'm beautiful, give me a treat.

And here is what I know for sure.  If Nina the lovely labrador ever seems to be any kind of threat to any person, she leaves the planet posthaste.  She is a wonderful part of the family. And she will die before the rest of us anyway.

I feel the same way about pit bulls in general.  Might as well be a tiger.  Some are great pets.  Until they kill someone.  If that risk is OK with you, that is legal at the moment.  But if your dog threatens someone else, don't defend it. Kill it.

There is some emotional distance from our pets that is healthy.  And if having a risky dog is part of your persona or identity, you may have bigger issues to resolve.

In other news..

• Seems like people in Forney are having trouble keeping their cars on the road and shiny side up. Here and Here and Here and Here.

• I think if the Ray Clark / Skeet Phillips lawsuit goes to trial, it could be an interesting expos√© of local politics worth sitting in on.

• The Terrell Art Walk will be 4-8 p.m. this Friday.  Of course it might help promote the event if the Tribune would take their promo articles out from behind the paywall.  Note to advertisers... if you are buying ads and also getting promo editorial material, request that the stories be free to readers.  They can do that.

• Also this week, Hal Linden will be in Terrell Thursday night.  I didn't know who he was either, but apparently his is quite a performer, storyteller and musician.

• Why are we supposed to care what apparent whiner Tim Gunn loves or hates about Dallas?

• Nothing all that exciting about April Fools this year, so here are some great hoaxes of days past.

• For my friends in the cattle business... how would these do in the show ring?

• Kudos to DMN's Brad Loper on the image for this story.

• This is AC/DC I can live with..

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  1. I agree about the dogs. From what I'm reading and watching this lady was already afraid of the dogs, but yet they were still kept inside that house. Sad.

    There is a new/old BBQ opening in Terrell in a few weeks called Hickory Roots BBQ at the old Ranch Hand. I think its ran by the same Dean family.