Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday night madness...

It was a dark and stormy night.....

It has been nice to pick up some good rain over the last few days...  and we may get some el Niño inspired rain throughout the year.

• So it seems Ronnie Oldfield knew the jig was about to be up for his private practice as a CPA so he decided to run for County Treasurer?

Here was the exchange at the Kaufman Republican Candidate Forum on Feb. 4, when an audience member (who seemed to know that there was something going on) asked about the candidates' standing with the CPA Board.

During my time at the Tribune I met Oldfield many times and did stories on some of the good work he does there, so I definitely gave him the benefit of the doubt after that forum.  Looking at it now, he definitely downplayed the seriousness of the allegations and wasn't very forthright with voters.  I can't imagine him winning the primary if this was public before the election.

• Big Books and Bargains Sale at the Kaufman County Library April 11, 12 and 14.

• All your maps are wrong!  An interesting read for your cartography nerds out there.

• You know it is going to be a better-than-average flight when ...

Which makes me think... Free airline marketing idea (Southwest might could pull this off ... Murder mystery dinner theater in the air!  Buy a ticket, and assume the identity of a character upon boarding the plane.  If by the end of the flight if you have figured out the mystery, your next flight is free.  Or something.  Ok maybe not.

• It's hard to believe that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is still missing a month later.

• It's also hard to believe that a company CEO got run out of his job for the simple reason that he holds (and supported) a traditional definition of marriage.  Should the government be in the marriage business at all?  Probably not really.  But for mob mentality to take over and equate support of traditional marriage to hating gay people is absurd.

• This could be a lot of fun.  And painful.

Have a great week.

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