Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday wandering and wondering

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Go west young man!  Or something like that.  Apparently a lot of west Texas was moving eastward this evening, creating a neat looking sunset...  fun if you are a photographer or nature watcher.
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Probably not so fun if you have asthma or breathing issues.

• Seagoville City Council meetings have become more exciting apparently, with council members at odds with the mayor at odds with the city attorney ... over some $70k of misspent money from the Economic Development Corporation.

I do like how the city's press release still tags "City of Opportunity" onto the end of the press release. I remember how much of a joke it was for that logo to be at the entrance to the park by the prison.  Seems oddly appropriate still.

Then there is the other press release with the city council distancing themselves from the mayor's statements.  Without knowing the inner workings, I'd say the mayor may have a point considering a chunk of money went to put carpet in the City Manager's house, yet the council is "satisfied" that there has been no misconduct there.  Maybe he didn't know where the money came from... hard to say, but certainly doesn't look good.

• In other Seagoville news ... you have to be a bit crazy to rob a bank inside Walmart, right?  But apparently it worked.  And then he runs toward my neighborhood.  Yikes.

• I have seen the signs for a while now but failed to mention it... Crandall and Kaufman have met in the middle, claiming territory from each side down US175 until they meet around Bud Stoy road.  So, who is/was Bud Stoy anyway?

That would be this Bud Stoy, buried in Terrell, and family info here. More here.

But then there is this bit of a story.. wowzers ... Indian fighter and gay cowboy?  Wait what?

• Looking for Bud Stoy I came upon Uglybridges.com ... an interesting place to check out the spans you drive over every day.  If you are interested in that sort of thing.

• Kaufman gets a Whataburger.

• Terrell gets smoke-free bowling.

• And Forney gets Soulman's BBQ and Huddle House.

• The missing Malaysia Airlines plane is just mind-numbing.  When the best-case scenario is some sudden catastrophe with loss of cabin pressure or similar, that is horrific.

My wild theory?  Iran steals the plane (far fetched, sure) then loads it up to send toward Israel.  That's scary.

• And then there is Russia and Ukraine.  With so many parallels to Germany's rhetoric before WWII, it is hard to watch without cursing the ineptitude and lack of spine among other world leaders in the face of a power player like Putin.

I'd like to think Russia is not like 1930's Germany, and Putin is not as ambitious as the Third Reich.  But if some faked military situation comes up giving Russia an excuse to invade ... well, we will all know better.

• There is a lot of floppin' in soccer.  Better to see this kind of play... take notes, kids.

• Pretty fun - Get an idea what US English may sound like to people from other countries (and lots of other languages too).

• On technology - Seems accurate...

Happy Wednesday, Folks.

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