Thursday, March 6, 2014

TEA Party supported candidates sweep Kaufman County races (pretty much)

It was certainly a jubilant atmosphere at Kaufman's "It's better than good" restaurant Tuesday night, with raucous cheers as election totals came in.  For the self-described most conservative side of Kaufman County Republicans, it was a night of clear victories. (Kaufman County results)

Stuart Spitzer pulled out a victory in both Kaufman and Henderson counties, completely reversing the results of two years ago.

Political newcomers Bobby Rich and Ronnie Oldfield won in close races, and the Precinct 1 JP race and 86th District Court races will go to runoffs.  Each runoff race features a TEA Party candidate, so it will be interesting to see if that group will be able to carry the momentum and get people to the polls in April.

In a short speech to the crowd, Spitzer likened the campaign to a battle of "the sheep against the wolves, and tonight the sheep won."  It was a Bible reference, and I like it, but I wonder if some of the money men and powers-that-be will be swayed to the side of the sheep.

If anything, the primary shows a great deal more organization and support for TEA Party candidates in the county.  Now it will be interesting to see if the momentum will result in drawing more people into the fold.

I think there are plenty of wolves in the sheep pen, but with a larger swell of small-governement conservatives across the state (and it looks like nationwide) it could be a really positive election cycle.

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