Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Wednesday odds-and-ends

Team Impact, a.k.a. giant men performing feats of strength, are at First Baptist Church in Kaufman through the weekend.  If you needed any proof that almost anything can be used to tell people about Jesus, there you go.

Of course, I'd imagine for those of you who are not Christians might find modern giants breaking things  to get an audience, then telling you about Jesus may be a little weird.  There is certainly a circus element to it.

Monday's post about Lance Gooden's robo-call attack has had a lot of traffic, but no comments.  That my be Gooden's entire campaign strategy, no comments.  I'd really like to hear from some Gooden supporters about that.

Did Eric Williams throw a murder weapon into Lake Tawakoni?

President Obama promised to exercise more Executive Branch muscle in the coming "year of action," but so far he has been rebuffed quite a lot by the Supreme Court.  Thank the founders for checks and balances.

From the makeup aisle … a letter from father to daughter.  I don't have a daughter yet, but that is good stuff.

For those who like debate and theology… is Atheism irrational?

Sometimes, it is best to accept an apology quickly…

Because BASE jumping on a clear day just doesn't give the adrenaline rush it used to…

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