Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Night Madness - Deep Freeze Edition

The good news is that warm weather is on the way later this week.  The bad news is, it is more expensive to heat my house than cool my house, apparently.

The first  E! Terrell Entertainment Series concert of the year will be pint-sized piano wunderkind Umi Garrett at the Terrell Performing Arts Center Tuesday night.  If you aren't a season subscriber, contact the Terrell Chamber and see if you can get a ticket.  It should be a fun show, especially for school agers who need some inspiration to practice their instruments.

I understand the need for governments to spend money on communication and educating the public about programs.  However, increasing the demand for pizza (to the great benefit of dairy farmers) is absurd.

Rand Paul is right.

Having an almost-three-year-old has given me plenty of opportunities to be annoyed by the amount of goofy alarmism and propaganda in TV programs for kids.  Unfortunately you can't explain to kids that scientists may not have everything right.  Like if 95% of climate model predictions are wrong.

On the other hand, I do look forward to the new Lego movie, which may be more about freedom than you think.

Speaking of freedom, and the source of freedom, great read from Jonah Goldberg.  If you don't have time to read the whole thing just skip to page 3 for the bit about positive liberty vs. negative liberty.

I have a lot of strong and wonderful women in my life.  Of course, strong conservative women are not looked highly upon by modern feminism.  This is an interesting take on what the feminist movement has evolved into.

If PETA ever had a point, they should really consider going back to it.

These are not photos.

Yup, Friday is Valentine's Day.  Don't mess it up.

Time waster… Captures the old silent film feel as well as anything I've seen..

A Day's Messing from Jeff Seal on Vimeo.

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