Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heavy issues for your Thursday thoughts

• I'm not sure if Lance Gooden is acting out of desperation or sheer unhinged political gamesmanship, but his latest mailer against Spitzer for the Texas House district 4 seat is a doozy.  While I don't doubt that somewhere in Spitzer's financial disclosures there is some stock or mutual fund investment in a pharmaceutical company, it is ridiculous to then claim that Spitzer is part owner in a company making big profits from abortion.

Of course Gooden didn't bother with any specifics that could be rebutted, mere accusations are all it takes right?  But those are tactics that we expect from the other party in the general election, not a Republican primary.  (In my own ideal world, I suppose.)  See Spitzer's response here.

Gooden appears to be the only one doing any polls ahead of election day, so either he knows he is behind, or he really is trying to be a ruthless politico.  I guess we will see if any other mailers make it out for the weekend.

It is also worth noting that getting candidates' financial disclosures is not as easy as it should be.   With less than a week before the election, candidates can pretty much make any claim they want.  It would be good to take our local news media to task for being so hands-off in the matter as well.  Nothing shows the need for a free and active news media than unchecked lying politicians.

Seriously folks, I know I have friends in Terrell and elsewhere who are Gooden supporters.  I am looking for anyone who wants to step up to the plate for him with these negative attack ads and absurd claims.  Anybody?  Message me, email me, call me, whatever.  I will give a fair space here or on Facebook or whatever, you can be anonymous if you want… so far I've had no takers from the previous post either.

• Which reminds me of a time when a good friend in Terrell informed me that in Kaufman County, in order to make any difference at all, people who would normally be Democrats don't mind voting in the Republican primary.  Which makes sense, actually.  With very little participation on the Democrat side of things, what else is a Dem. to do?  Remember, it wasn't that long ago that the balance of power was quite different in the county.

• This is a terribly sad story, no matter what details that emerge later.

• Nice to see inter-departmental support among the area emergency response units.

Here is a great breakdown of the Hobby Lobby case vs. Obamacare and others like it.  The implications of the federal government's ability to force companies and individuals to act against their religious convictions is huge.  That kind of tyranny may start with the best of intentions by non-believing regulators, but when wielded by future leaders, can be the downfall of the nation.

• And another way the Federal government is enacting oppressive and expensive regulation is simply by settling lawsuits.

• After all that, lighten things up with this… 100-year-old best friends discussing some pop culture of today.

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