Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good morning, Tuesday

Well January seemed to last about as long as Denver's chances in the Super Bowl.

Tonight is another opportunity to hear from candidates in local elections…  7 p.m. at Kaufman High School.

I haven't seen much reaction to UIL redistricting, but I like to see the schools stay together over the years.  Of course the Terrell/Forney "rivalry" might be better off if they stop brawling.

Good to see support for the Crandall Fire Department.  There is still a lot of money to raise. Here is the original report on the misappropriation of funds

Mama's Daughters' Diner should be a good fit in downtown Forney.  Menu here…

Very true.. 23 moments that make being a dad awesome.

A civics lesson for the kids… city tears down their not-up-to-code fort.  And this is why freedom loving people exit cities.  Then urban areas turn into liberal city-states.  Then Detroit.  A vicious cycle.

Ban backyard swimming pools to save the children?  The response is well stated.

Super Bowl advertisers from years past who should have saved their money.

I am a fan of PBS' Sherlock series.  Sherlock does Sesame Street.
(H/T Bagofnothing.com)

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