Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Food Day - Wings over Kaufman and Seagoville

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No tour of area burgers would be complete without including Wings in the mix. The Wings restaurants have been mainstays of the 175 corridor for more than a decade, serving up a great alternative to the fast food chains and the best hot wings (OK, almost the only wings) to be had around these parts.

This is part of the burger quest, so Joshua and I stopped by the familiar airplane-hanger building in Kaufman before the lunch rush last Thursday.

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Both the Wings menu (online here) and the food, are quite different from the Burger Pop / Paradise Burger / Jungle Burger concept.  At under $8 for a cheeseburger, fries and a drink, the price is right, and the hometown feel is nice compared to stale fast food places.

Side note, the Seagoville location remodeled last year, adding a bar area and taking the decor up a few age brackets.  Gone are the numerous model airplanes, much to Joshua's dismay.

Anyway, how about the burger?

Hot and absolutely wonderful to eat.
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

What do you lose for the price difference?   Meat quantity, mostly, and the fries are a little more generic.  Not that this is entirely bad.

If you are a burger eater who doesn't like oversized patties, this will be your favorite.  And you can always go for a double.

I pulled off about half the lettuce and had the best burger flavor and overall experience since Oscar Delta.  A perfectly toasted bun sealed the deal.

Even with a really good burger, Wings' biggest selling point may be the rest of the menu.  Good wings, a variety of other sandwiches and meals (Renee recommends the Wicked Chicken Sandwich and the Elvis Burger) make it a great place to eat as a group.  I will have to come back when I start looking for the best salads in the area as well.

The kids meals are also a bit cheaper than the other burger joints, and Joshua approves of the grilled cheese sandwich.
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

The moral of the story? Don't forget the places that have been around for a while.  As nice as it is to have new options, Wings is still a winner on price and taste.

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