Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Food Day - Jungle Burger in Terrell

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Next stop on the burger tour - Jungle Burger in Terrell.  The way this is going I'm going to need to find the best salad in the area next, just to bring the cholesterol levels back down.

Jungle Burger is located in the Brookeshire's Grocery shopping center, to the left of Big Lots, and to the right of the Bubble Bubble Tea House (a favorite drink spot for me).

At this point I am thinking all of the area independent burger restaurants got their concepts and menus from the same source… like Burger Pop in Seagoville and Paradise Burger in Kaufman, the menu choices are similar with some notable exceptions.

But we will get to that…  Quick summary - really good burger.

The building was Fredo's Italian Trattoria in a past life, so it is a strange vibe inside with "jungle" animals on the walls.  But Jungle Burger separates itself as a full service restaurant rather than ordering at the counter.  There are also several TVs on the walls.  Wasn't a plus for me when they ended up on soap operas, though.

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The price is slightly higher than those two restaurants (about $.20 on many items), but not much.

The burgers..

Renee had "The Big Island"
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And I had a Bacon Cheeseburger with Swiss.. Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

And voila, everything you want in a burger.  Except a buttery toasted bun.

The meat was well seasoned, and I would give these burgers a slight edge over Burger Pop and Paradise burger.  Something in the seasoning did it for my taste buds.  Renee also approved, and neither of us were very hungry at dinner time.  These things last.

The fries also were good… again, seems to be the same source as the other county competitors.  Seasoned, fresh and tasty.

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We did not have Joshua with us (Thanks Mom!) but the kids menu options were similar to what we have seen previously.

A few other things separate Jungle Burger from its similar cousins in Kaufman and Seagoville…  On the menu are sweet potato fries, quesadillas and more appetizer options.

One not so good separator is Terrell water.  It has a flavor.  On the way out, I mentioned the "Bring Your Own Beer" sign, and Renee said, "How about bring your own water?"   Good laughs.


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Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

OK… obviously I have avoided comparisons with Oscar Delta in Forney from last week.

As burger joints go, I would gladly have a meal at Burger Pop, Paradise Burger or Jungle Burger any day.  They are very good burgers.  Just not really the same category as Oscar Delta, in restaurant concept or food.  They also suffer in comparison of price because by the time you add fries and a drink,  there is less than $1 difference.  Oscar Delta is the clear winner if you happen to be close by.

Of the three straight up burger restaurants, though, Jungle Burger has a slight edge, if for a slightly higher price.

Jungle Burger
Downright Tasty
Friendly staff with full table service
For better or worse, a hometown independent feel.

We were there on a cold day, and it was cold inside too.

That's about it… nothing negative to report.  I should have noted our waitress's name, because she was a lot of fun.  I hope Jungle Burger thrives in a space where other restaurants have not done so well.

Have a great weekend,

Don J.

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