Thursday, January 16, 2014

Better late than never? Thursday links and things.

Yup, that is my wonderful son climbing to heights above my head.  Probably some metaphor for how life goes.  If anything has helped me clarify the view of God as a loving father, it has been being a parent.  What a gift.

Talk about a victim mentality… Little league coach sues player after being hit by helmet thrown in celebration.

I like watching the Olympics.  But it seems every go-round there is another reason to dislike the Olympic organizers.  We can't put lines from the Constitution on a goalie helmet?  How long until everybody gets a medal?

Texas Monthly Bum Steer awards are out …  and always entertaining.  I haven't made it through the whole list but I don't see any local honorees.

My kid can't have eggs or dairy, so your kids can't either.  It's a human rights issue.

In the upcoming elections, "Income Inequality" is sure to be a buzzword as liberals promise to get more money for those of us that aren't "rich."  Of course, there can't be any common ground between left and right if our definition "Income Inequality" is fundamentally different.

A global look - more than twice as many Christians were killed for religious reasons in 2013 than the year before.

And while you are there… the top 10 Biblical archaeological discoveries of 2013.

I'm thinking American liberals would consider Mother Theresa a threat too.  Because anyone who believes abortion is murder must be a threat.  Right.

Speaking of abortion…  Tribune publisher Mike Elswick opines on whether Wendy Davis has a chance at winning the Governor spot in November.  Without mentioning her signature issue.

Which leads me to this.
Wendy Davis is popular among liberals because she was willing to stand up and promote abortion of viable babies in an effort that was never going to succeed.
And on the opposite side of the political spectrum, Ted Cruz is popular among us on the right because he was willing to stand up and oppose Obamacare in an effort that was never going to succeed.

Those of you trying to win primary battles take note.  Stand up and say something.

Have a good night everybody.

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