Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Newsday, (Or, "I slept through Monday")

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a visualization of the flu virus.  Pretty, huh?  Not so much.  My mocking of the TX-DSHS flu site was not smart.

Just to be thorough, here is how a fever works…     who knew the technical term for a fever is Pyrexia?  

Attitude Check…  "If I can't impact people, then this whole thing is a waste."  Man with ALS delivers smiles and donuts.

Crandall ISD will hold a job fair March 29.  Speaking of which, it looks like the Athletic Director position is still open.  I saw that a lot of people weren't happy with how that went down.  I met Todd John only twice, but he seemed to be a competent person for the job.

When newspeople sit around and try to localize a story…. Drones don't make local car dealership commercials any better.   The real story there is, did they break our very own Lance Gooden's anti-drone law in the process?  (As a photographer, this is a personal gripe.  There is no need to single out remote control drone users for privacy concerns while giving broad leeway to law enforcement.)

Britain's own TEA Party?  Actually it would be great if they just called themselves a Tea Party, because, you know, no irony or anything.

I see this as a positive story… I'm glad to see big time donors don't necessarily get they influence they want in selecting the state's highest paid employee.

What would happen to an average North Korean citizen who acted like Dennis Rodman?  Hard labor I'd guess.  It is such a strange situation to have Rodman acting as a self-appointed diplomat.  More power to him.  He has always been a bit of a caricature  figure anyway, so he fits right in with Kim Jong Un.  I am surprised he found enough players to make the trip though.  I hope they are getting paid well.

Are you ready for the Winter Olympics?  Let's hope Russia is.  And then there is Brazil, trying to get ready for 2016 without the "benefit" of quite as much totalitarianism.

And here is a look at what happens with some Olympics venues that aren't used after the games.  To be fair, you can't expect for all of the venues to remain in use, but I would expect that to be taken care of in the original design so that there could be another use after the games.

As the parent of a two-year-old, this made me laugh.  And worry!

Have a great Tuesday everyone.  Wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow :)

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