Monday, January 13, 2014

The dreaded … MONDAY THE 13th!

What a beautiful spring day in the neighborhood… I hope your week is starting well.  At least the daisies got a reprieve from indoor living at our house.

If there is to be a light at 548 and Ridgecrest in Forney, can we campaign for TXDOT to also add protected left turn lights to the signal at 548 and Walmart?  At the wrong time of day, it is dangerous trying to get back over to Fredo's.  Which is a problem for me personally.

WWII buffs - an animation of the map of Europe throughout the war.  Puts into perspective how much Hitler was able to take control for several years … you know, before we finally jumped in there.

More recent history for a laugh… buying a computer in 1993.  For my cult-of-mac cred, our first computer in the house was a PowerMac 7100/66, with a 250mb hard drive.  Geeky.

I tried to watch the Denver/San Diego game, but that was downright boring.  I was reminded of this article that references Chargers QB Philip Rivers though.  Is having kids, especially multiple kids, a really frowned upon thing?  That isn't something I necessarily feel on a daily basis.  But I can see how those with contempt for Biblical values might be happy to put down big families.

On this day - After a massive military defeat and massacre in Afghanistan, a single survivor out of some  16,000 people reached safety.  And that was 1842.  Just another reminder that there is a long and bloody history of conflict there.  And there is no reason to think we can make it end any time soon.

Also, Stephen Foster and James Joyce both died on this day.

The political season kicked off in a big way Saturday in Terrell with the big Ted Cruz event.  Many of the candidates for local races were on hand to boost their conservative clout.  I will blog about that later.

Candidate forums for local Republican races will be held Jan. 21 in Terrell, Jan. 28 in Forney, Jan. 30 in Becker, Feb. 4 in Kaufman and Feb. 13 in Scurry.

I'm surprised there isn't a lot more of this…

I have seen a few people using containers as barn structures or parking type spaces, but it is pretty brilliant as modular living space.  A well done version at White Rock Lake…

Have a great Monday evening, friends.

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