Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MOW Madness (Middle of the Week)

That is funny.

It is a long read, but a good recap of the false premises and promises of nationalizing health care.

This day in 1870 was the first know use as a symbol of the Democratic Party in Harper's Weekly.  Make your own joke now.

John Kerry gives "Impressive Potatoes" to the Russian foreign minister.

For what it is worth… I like new UT football coach Charlie Strong.  His policies for players look good, and the fact that they are needed says a lot about what was going on before.  I like that coaches have to run if players don't attend class.

Speaking of which… the top "players lounges" in college football.  I guess since the players can't be paid, they should get a few perks?

How to talk to people with cancer.

It is easy to fall into selfishness at home.  I do it all the time.  Here is a thoughtful take on changing the "Getting what I deserve" problem in marriage.

You eat what you touch… funny and disturbing soap ads.

Some of the neat tech coming out of CES… 

This should be interesting … a look at the genius of Picasso, Sinatra and Hitchcock.  This Saturday at GWB Presidential Center.  If anyone goes, let me know, I'd like to hear about it.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody.

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