Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MOW Madness Jan. 29

I failed as a politics junkie… missing both the State of the Union address and the Kaufman GOP Candidate Forum in Forney last night.  Of course working all day was the better option in the long run.

It sounds like candidate forum in Forney had some interesting moments.  I'm waiting to see who comes up with video.  The Tribune has a photo gallery here…

Whataburger is coming to Kaufman.  That's a winner.

Gary at the Tribune questions the City of Terrell's methods in working toward a new police facility.  The city definitely needs police facilities, and, while the leaders in place have taken a strange circuit to get there (with some wasted funds to boot), they are elected to get things done.  I hope the people get behind the effort myself.

Seems like skipping the Grammys was a wise move.  Vulgarity and shock value will continue to be embraced, no surprise there.

If you are a word nerd like me, this is good stuff.  Oh, and it is also about Wendy Davis, politics and culture.

There could be a more professional way to "tell off" a reporter than threatening to throw him off a balcony and break him in half.

Great photo/ad concept.. Know where you stand.

German cows explode their own barn.  One cow suffered burns.  I guess they know who did it.

Also funny, many news organizations went ahead and linked cows to climate change with that story.

Have a great Wednesday!

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