Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday night mayhem Jan. 27

A reminder that it is warm somewhere in the world.

I skipped the Lieutenant Governor debate tonight because I had work to do, and I will miss the second Kaufman County Republican Candidate Forum in Forney Tuesday as well.  Paying the bills is good though.

That Lt. Gov. job is quite important, by the way.

There is certainly room for all kinds of opinions, but the idea that raising a family is somehow a waste of one's potential is ridiculous.  And that is not to mention Ms. Glass' demeaning of people who do basic labor work that is inferred in the article.  What it amounts to is not feminism, but a promotion of one definition of achievement, and a rebellion against any sort of traditional values.  And goes to show just how repugnant some self-appointed thought leaders can be.

For those who haven't seen it… Duracell's commercial with the Seattle Seahawks' Derrick Coleman is brilliant.

This is a horrible tragedy.. the worst of fire and freezing temperatures.

How about real locations that would make great super-villian lairs?

Some of 2013's most viral (and funny) video advertisements.

Coke cans hold up a little better to lava than I would have expected.  But only a little.

That's all for now,

Have a great week everybody!

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