Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Funday

It is January 3, now where did I put that list of resolutions?

Actually, it is my lovely wife who is best at setting and keeping goals in this family.  She went through her list from 2013 and had accomplished almost all of them.  From making quilts, reading books, scrapbooking and other time consuming tasks, she makes it happen.  "How she does it" sounds like a good blog post idea.

Some great New Year celebration photos.

I'm hoping for a full recovery for Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, whose birthday is today.  He hit his head on a rock while skiing with his son last week.

A different kind of rock to lighten things back up … because "The Rock" is funny anyway…

I would think if any running record was safe, it would be for the couple who ran a marathon every day for year.  Then this couple in their 60's went and beat that record by a day.  Of course eating 11,000 bananas in a year may also be a safe record.

Maybe DART wouldn't have ridership issues if they turned their rather functional looking stations into something you actually want to see.  Like this.

Ted Cruz is coming to Terrell next Saturday.

While we are on politics, I thought this was an insightful look at the way "conservatives" and "liberals" are getting a lot wrong about each other.

The Republican primary is pretty much the only election that counts in Kaufman county races, and this year is shaping up to be a crowded field.  Can you say run-off election?

This weekend is the last chance to see some interesting exhibits at museums in the Metroplex…

The writer of this story definitely got to write a once-in-a-lifetime opening paragraph.  And, it turns out, Waxahachie does in fact have the biggest ass in the world.  Sorry, Waxahachie, I couldn't resist.

Strange day in history coincidences… Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church on January 3, 1521.  Fidel Castro was excommunicated same date in 1962.  For very different reasons, obviously.

OK, enough of that, Have a great weekend everybody.

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