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Friday Food Day - Paradise Burger in Kaufman

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I will spend a few weeks on the burger quest, so as promised, I made the trip to Paradise Burger… and it was good. What I was not expecting was that it is very much related to last week's Burger Pop visit.

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Paradise Burger is located on 34 in Kaufman, next to Dairy Queen.   The building has been a restaurant before, but it certainly has the feel of the repurposed building that it is.  The need for some remodeling is probably endless in a building like this though, and the age shows through.  On the positive side, the tables are not crowded together, so dining with a toddler was a bit easier.
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

A quick look at the menu and I knew that Paradise Burger and Burger Pop were somehow related.  The menus are almost identical in content and pricing.  Paradise Burger adds a shrimp salad offering and shrimp basket for kids, as well as apple pie.

I asked the gentleman at the counter about the similarity to Burger Pop, and he said that it was not a family connection, but they were close friends.  So the concept is the same, but it isn't the beginning of a chain.  Maybe they should reconsider that and build some name recognition with one name or the other?

None of that affects the food though, which is why we are here.

It was a dad-and-son adventure, so I went with a Swiss Cheeseburger and Joshua had his favorite Corny Dog Bites.
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Because of the menu similarities, I was expecting the same burger, but there are a few details that took it down slightly by comparison.  You can't make a total judgment from one visit though, so more research will be necessary :).

It is a good, well seasoned chunk of meat, so any burger lover will appreciate that.  Overall though, the burger and the bun may have spent a minute too long on the grill.  Again, one burger is not a pattern, and the overall goodness of the burger was not lost.

And this is a true burger-joint burger, a whole-'nother-level of burger goodness from a fast foodie burger.  Also, the fresh french fries add a lot to the meal.

Non burger-eaters will probably find something to their liking as well, with salads, hot and cold sandwiches and a turkey burger option.

The Menu ...
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

OK Kaufman burger lovers, you owe it to yourself to give Paradise Burger a try.  Extra kudos to one of the ladies who made instant friends with Joshua by giving him a sucker.  You have a friend for life.

Good and substantial burger and fries.
Friendly staff
Feels like you are eating at a friend's house.  The friend who makes good burgers.

No drive-through
Not a good place for a person who is OCD about floor tiles.

Joshua says "Yes, Please."

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Who is up next?  I haven't decided on a Wings visit, Oscar Delta in Forney, or Jungle Burger in Terrell (are they still open?) or maybe somewhere I don't even know about yet.  Not sure where I will end up this week.  If you have a favorite, tell me about it.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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