Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friday Food Day - Burger Wars continue with Oscar Delta in Forney

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Part three of inspecting the area's hamburger offerings takes us to Forney for the relatively new Oscar Delta Texas Kitchen.     (Previously: Burger Pop and Paradise Burger)

As the 548/US 80 shopping centers fill up with restaurant and retail, the area is becoming quite a destination for dining.  Oscar Delta serves up a combination of tacos, hot sandwiches and burgers, soups and salads.  They have created a variety of eats that is unique, and on previous visits with the family, we have always been pleased with the food. MENU

Serving is buffet style with a taco bar and food orders taken before you are seated.  It feels pretty casual but with a definite effort at attracting a younger/edgier/coolguy crowd.  (Austin style breakfast tacos?)
I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a hint for those of us with toddlers, but the kids menu is no longer posted … more on that later.
Don C. Johnson: 175and20 blog &emdash;

The decor and location don't quite take you to Austin or Bishop Arts District in Dallas, but it it is unique for the area.

The Food.  Is good.

Before we get to the burger, a note on the tacos.  "Street Style" is so overused that it doesn't mean much any more, but that is what these are going for.  Fresh veggies, well seasoned meats, good tortillas and unique combinations of ingredients make for happy tastebuds.  $8 for 3 isn't cheap tacos, but it is a good plate of food.  Speaking of plates, I'm not a fan of serving in to-go containers for eat-in customers.

Renee had beef, chicken and pork on this visit, and it looked like this.  Not as good as Tin Star, our baseline for judging tacos.  But if you are looking for a good taco, this will make your tastebuds happy.
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OK.  Burger time.

At $8 for a Cheeseburger and fries, it is a couple of bucks up from an average burger, but in this case you get what you pay for.

It comes buried by fries in the container…
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But once you dig it out, it becomes clear that this is going to be good.
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Good buttery toasted bun, plenty of meat to fill it up, and a cook who knows when to stop.  Two pickles would be plenty on any burger, but the pickles here are good enough that you can pull them off and eat them separately.  You have to be prepared to get your hands messy with this thing, but if that is a problem I suspect burgers aren't your thing anyway.

There was a definite spicy note here.  I didn't dig into it to find the source, but there was enough red pepper heat to clear my sinuses.  If you are sensitive to the heat, ask first.

The fries are also good.  Not too thick and fairly crispy, there is plenty of fried edge if you like that.  Some may find them overdone but that is exactly how I like them.

OK, worth the trip to Forney and easily the best burger I can remember having locally in quite a while.

Final thing… of course we had Joshua so it was a surprise to see that the kid meals were no longer posted on the menu boards.  Luckily they still make them, and it was grilled cheese time.
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And this grilled cheese almost stole the show from our adult meals.  Perfectly toasted with a combination of cheese and queso sauce, and a very slight spicy edge.  Renee may or may not have had more grilled cheese than Joshua.

Final thing, a new dessert item piqued my interest (as dessert items are wont to do), the "Homemeade grilled vanilla banana cake with salted caramel and sweet cream."

I will just say that grilled cake is a great concept.  The salted caramel pushed the saltiness over the top a bit, but that was hardly a complaint.  Dense but not overly flavored.  Tasty.

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Unique menu and a nice place to sit and eat
Priced at a point that makes it a possibility for a nice lunch or good and quick dinner
Good.  Food.

Disapperance of children's menu has me wondering
I'd rather have a plastic basket than a round aluminum foil to-go bowl.
There are still a few empty storefronts, but I could see parking being an issue later when all of the restaurants hit peak capacity.

Definitely worth a visit…

Have a great weekend!


  1. Their cheddar fries are pretty good. They have a different enough twist on them that you don't have to compare them to Snuffers and their (burrito?) bowls are great as well. They did have some extra spice hidden somewhere in them as well.

  2. Oh and I think the link for Paradise Burger may be incorrect.

  3. Thanks for the info Jonathan… (and the link check). I also want to go back and check out the $10 chicken fried steak. Maybe finding the best chicken fried steaks in the area will be the next quest.